Client Testimonials

I have been getting my lashes done by Sherri for the past 2 years and it has always been an amazing experience. The lashes come out perfectly every single time and Sherri is the absolute sweetest! I wouldn’t trust getting my lashes done anywhere besides Parpar!
— Andrea S.

My first eyelash extension experience was at a chain boutique that I will not bash in this review. But my second experience was with Hannia and it was a night and day difference. The boutique is in a small suite but it was clean and aesthetically pleasing. The energy was peaceful. The music was mellow. The other technician in the room was nice. What I liked about both of them was that they weren’t chatty. I was looking forward to my lash nap and I was able to get it. Hannia has a steady hand, is mindful of your time, and is a perfectionist. She did an amazing job for my wedding lashes. I got volume lash set at 12 length and they were perfect. She is very sweet... and the prices are competitive. What I will say is that you need to book at least 3 weeks in advance... she’s popular!
— K.Y.

I have been going to Sherri for a couple of years and cannot live without getting my lashes done every few weeks!! Sherri is fantastic! She has many years of experience and is a true perfectionist with her talent. I’m so glad I found her!!
— Tami D.

Loving my lashes by Parpar! I go to both Hannia and Sherri. Great ambience, professional staff and THE BEST lashes. Not to mention fun girl talk every time!
— Gretchen K.

Hannia is AMAZING! I’m so picky, and hardly leave yelp reviews, but I had to give her a SHOUT OUT! I’m obsessed with my lashes! They are full and lush without being sloppy, over glued, or fake. I’m so happy I’ve started coming here! Makes getting my lashes done a treat and not a chore!
— Vanessa O.

I have been seeing Hannia for over 2 years now! I can’t say enough great things about her services and the fact that I still have my natural lashes when the glam falls off. Her space is clean, and she always has the latest when it comes to quality and standards. With that being said everyone should and wants to come see her so make sure to book your appointments in advance.
— Kelli O.

this is such a long over due review!! sherri has been doing my lashes for about four years now and saying that she is amazing is an understatement. she always know exactly how i like my lashes and kills it whenever i need a little umph for an event or vacation. for four years i’ve never had a booking or canceling snafu, FOUR YEARS! i religiously book out 4 or 5 appointments at a time and will follow her wherever she goes!
— Kylie W.

So happy with this awesome find. Hannia is very professional and dose the very best work. I got my lashes done for my wedding. And thy looked so great a whole month later that my husband of all people wanted me to keep it up. She also has the most adorable accent and is from Costa Rica. Adorable!!

I had such a great experience with Sherri doing my lashes! It was my first time doing eyelash extensions and I was nervous about it (I don’t like anything near my eyes!).

I had no idea what I wanted but Sherri was wonderful talking me through the process and showing me pictures of different styles. She also made recommendations on styles that works best for my facial structure.

I was there for probably 45 minutes but felt much faster! She’s a great communicator talking about what she’s doing and strikes up conversation to make you feel at ease.

In the end, the end result was fabulous and I couldn’t be happier with it! I can’t wait to go back for my upcoming wedding! You’re the best, Sherri!
— Crystal J.

I don’t even know where to start! Hannia has a natural born talent to make my lashes happy and perfect. I receive compliments daily on my lashes and it’s been a natural instinct now to say “thank you it’s Hannia”. She’s so great at what she does and not mention I love to go just to see her!
— Geneva D.

This is long over due. Sherri is the best and the sweetest. She answered all my questions. Contacting her they text is best.
— Theresa J.

Hannia is hands down the BEST eyelash artist in San Diego. Not only is she friendly & down to earth, she’s fast & AMAZING at what she does. She’s consistent in what she does & leaves my lashes looking naturally long, full & beautiful.
— Helene L.

I have been going to Sherri for eyelash extensions the past year at Bellini Beauty Bar and of course kept going to her as she moved to her own business which by the way is in an awesome location. It’s very clean, inviting and very well decorated.

I’m pretty particular about how I like my lashes, but she does an amazing job every time!! I highly recommend her. She’s so professional, sweet and accommodating. Her work is so flawless! It lasts for a long time as well. She’s just so great!! Highly recommend.
— Emily S.

So incredibly happy to have found Hannia. She does fabulous lashes. She’s sweet and friendly. The shop is conveniently located for me and lots of parking.
— Em M.

Every time hannia does my lashes they come out beautiful. She is very well educated and knows how to keep my natural lashes healthy. Her location is perfect with parking outside, and a front door man to great you and show you back to the room in case you don’t know where it is at first. It’s a beautiful little suite. If you are questioning getting lashes please don’t look any further than Hannia
— Karen S.

Had a fantastic first appointment with Sherri, my lashes look amazing and she was such a down to earth cool person. I texted for an appointment, and she texted back quickly with her booking link. It was so easy. Her salon is comfortable and made me feel at home. I will definitely go back for my fills.
— Shevron H.

The best there is, great with clients, and I send all my friends!
— Sheri M.

I was introduced to Sherri by a girlfriend whose lashes looked AMAZING. She told me I absolutely needed to get them done, it was going to be a game changer! I had to wait a few weeks because she was booked up at the Salon she was at, but it was well worth the wait.

The only bad part was where the salon was located. It took me 30 mins in each direction to get to La Jolla and 1 time I made the mistake of trying to go at my lunch hour. (If you knew me at all you would know how much I dislike things that are not convenient) So the simple fact that I kept coming back is really all you need to know.

Then the RED SEA PARTED and she moved to her business to my hood! She is fast, meticulous and is by far one of the nicest people around. My lashes look on point ALL the time. I stand by her work and recommend her often!!
— Andrea B.

I have curly lashes and most service providers don’t have the necessary patience and skill to get a flawless extension look. I was actually preparing for a facial and noticed the luxurious lashes of my provider. I asked her who she went to, and that is how I discovered Hannia.

Hannia has delivered time after time and to see if she really is a magic worker, while she was out of town, I strayed and discovered that she does indeed have magic hands. My lashes look fabulous and stay that way thanks to Hannia.
— Chi-Chi C.

Sherri is awesome. She takes her time and makes your lashes look perfect. I told her I was looking for something simple and natural, and she completely understood what I wanted. I love how they look and will definitely be going back to her!
— Michelle L.

I absolutely LOVE Hannia. She’s been doing my lashes for almost a year now and I look forward to every appointment. It’s always a pleasant experience and I ALWAYS get so many compliments on my lashes and Hannia has such an amazing personality. I highly recommend!!
— Brittney H.

Sherri!! Oh where do I even begin, there are so many wonderful things to say about Sherri. I was skeptical about getting lash extensions but wanted to give it a try & see what all the hype was about. In general, I had heard some amazing stories & I’ve also heard horror stories. Worry not! Sherri has made everyone of my visits a breeze. My natural lashes have stayed healthy, my eyes comfortable, & my photos looking fab. My eyes used to get irritated with mascara so I actually much prefer lash extensions for that reason alone. Sherri does such a meticulous job at making my lashes full & long while still keeping it natural. Additionally, I now know many people that get their lashes done with Sherri & she clearly does a unsurpassable job at tailoring to every individuals requests/needs. I couldn’t say a bad thing. I highly recommend Sherri- whether it’s for a one time special occasion or to make it apart of your monthly beauty repertoire.
— Ashley O.

AMAZING lashes and I LOVE Hannia - she is so fun and easygoing!
— Trisha S.

I get my lashes done by Sherri. I work in a salon myself so I have has my lashes done by many people, but never this efficient and thorough. I actually moved to north county and still make the drive to PB to get my lashes done by Sherri she’s that good!!! I do suggest pre booking especially around the holidays, and texting is the best way I’ve found to make my appointment with her.
— Justine B.

Hannia came to me rescue!!! My gf cancelled on me VERY last min right before I had a big weekend of festivities. I called Hannia and explained my situation, she then told me not to worry about a thing and she’d come in early the following day to do my lashes. I’m SO thankful for her! She didn’t hesitate to help me out and she did such an amazing job. I truly feel beautiful. She had me show her pictures of exactly what I wanted and she ended up doing an even better job than I could have asked. Not to mention she has great energy and is a total sweetheart! Thanks again gal. I’ll be back very soon xoxo
— Monique M.

Sherri does amazing lash extension for all different occasions. I have had mine done for Vegas and every day and they always turn out spectacular!
— Amy A.

Hannia is the sweetest thing ever! She listened to what I wanted and gave me the exact result I was looking for! She is fast, efficient, and very good at what she does. Her prices are so affordable and WELL worth every penny. Thanks Hannia!!
— Savanna A.

Hannia is absolutely the best. I’ve been to multiple lash salons and have never been as pleased leaving as I was after Hannia worked on my lashes. She’s quick with applying the lashes and so wonderfully lovely to chat with as well! The quality of her products is superior and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Hannia!!
— Ivy B.

I have been seeing Hannia to have my lashes filled every 3 weeks for a year now. After having a couple horrible experiences with Groupon deals at other salons years ago, I was skeptical to try it again but I’m glad I did! To give you an idea: at those other salons I have experienced visible glue clumps, lashes sticking together, lashes falling out prematurely because the glue was too weak, and estheticians accidentally ripping out my bottom lashes when removing the under eye tape. When you constantly send out Groupon deals to get new customers but can’t get any repeat customers through that business model, it’s pretty obvious the problem is with the esthetician!

Unlike my past experiences, Hannia uses only the best products! The pads that she applies to the under eye area have a gel-like surface and feel cooling/soothing when applied (almost like getting a spa treatment). The glue she uses is also top notch. I know this because when the lashes fall out (as they naturally do with your normal hair growth cycle) the synthetic lash is still attached to the real lash. Poor glue application would result in the synthetic lash coming off without a hair attached. In addition, the way she applies the glue results in the lashes being nicely separated — you never see the glue and the lashes don’t clump together. I have superfine Asian lashes and she’s still able to separate and find them to give me a perfectly natural yet full look. My recommendation is to bring pictures of what type of look you want (dramatic, natural, etc.) since every person has a different aesthetic. She listens to what you want and confirms with you throughout the appointment while she’s working on your lashes, unlike my last lash esthetician from whom I requested a “natural” look and made me look like a stripper.

Long story short, I’m so glad I found Hannia and will never stop going to her for lashes. Her new location on Midway is gorgeous, spotless, and bonus: parking is super convenient!
— Erica L.